What’s the difference between a male stripper and a male exotic dancer?

At first, male strippers and male exotic dancers can be quite similar. However, the key difference is that male exotic dancers are an all-encompassing term. For example, a male exotic dancer could be a topless go-go dancer at a night club. He would not necessarily strip off his clothes because he may start the night off topless or wearing some sort of costume. On the other hand, a male stripper usually comes out with his costume on and a performance ready to go. A male stripper is a form of a male exotic dancer but a male exotic dancer may not always be a male stripper.

Male strippers tend to tell a story when they are on stage. Their performances, as hilarious as it might be to the crowd, are portrayed as sort of show. Male exotic dancers, on the other hand, may just be there to look good and dance. They may not necessarily do any sort of performance. Some male exotic dancers keep their costumes on for the entire night, especially during themed parties. For example, during Halloween parties or Christmas parties, many companies will hire male strippers to dance as male exotic dancers at their parties. They put on a costume and just dance while the crowd continues with their partying.

On the flip side, other parties will hire male strippers to put on a male strip show. For example, bachelorette parties and birthday parties love hiring male strippers to show up and perform a skit or a show for the attendees. Regardless of whether you use the term male stripper or male exotic dancer, be sure to communicate your party needs to the booking agent and they will take care of you.

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