Who were some famous male strippers?

When searching for famous male strippers, there are many results on the internet. Of course most people have heard of Magic Mike and Channing Tatum as one of the most famous male strippers in the world. However, Mr. Tatum is only one of many other A-list Hollywood actors who have shed their clothes off for some dollar bills. Many up and coming actors are also currently working as male strippers as they try to climb the Hollywood ladder. Some make it while others don’t.

Chris Pratt was also a male stripper for a short while. Apparently he worked briefly as a male stripper before becoming a Hollywood star. In addition, Mike Sorrentino from Jersey Shore fame was also a male stripper. Before joining reality television, Mike Sorrentino would take his clothes off for the ladies every Friday and Saturday night. Having worked in that environment certainly helped keep the Situation in shape. Also Mark Conseulos, the husband of daytime talk host Kelly Ripa, was also a male stripper in college. Mr. Conseulos was working as a male exotic dancer to help pay his way through school.

Just like many other guys who are just trying to pay the bills, many A-list Hollywood actors also once worked as male strippers. Before their claim to fame, it was hard for many up and coming actors to find financial stability. The male stripping industry was able to offer employment to these actors as well as many future actors. As male stripping becomes more accepted, there will certainly be more male strippers turned Hollywood celebrities.

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